California: Thousands of “Penis fish” discovered at a beach.

We talk about news on humans and “penis fish” also want to be heard.

An unusual incidence has occurred off American beaches.

Earthworms that usually live under the sea must have run aground on the Californian beach.

Any idea of ​​the cause? The storms that swept California in late November / early December are believed to be the cause.

Although very rare on the American coast, its a small fish in the shape of a “penis” and are very common in the Asian oceanic zone, in this

case in China, Japan and Korea.

By their scientific name Urechis unicinctus, the little beasts have been talked about all over the world for a few days.

Even if they are rarely found on American beaches, thousands of individuals were discovered on December 6 on the California beach of

Drakes, north of San Francisco, reports the Daily Mail.

According to biologist Ivan Parr who tried to clarify the Bay Nature site, this massive stranding was due to the heavy storms that swept

California in the previous days.

Scientist Ivan Parr went on to point out that similar phenomena had already occurred in recent decades, but on beaches further south in

California, more precisely in Monterey Bay.

“I have heard a thousand crazy theories about the stranding of penis fish, like stories of sinking ships carrying sausages, but in reality it is a

species that lives under the sand,” added Ivan Parr.

The biologist goes by these words to reassure that this stranding of marine animals on the California coast is not mystical and that there is

no reason to make unnecessary stories.

By Subiru Madina