Anti Biya activist Calibri Calibro threatens to immolate himself in the French National Assembly, was later arrested.


On Friday May29,2020, Calibro Calibri, the leader of the Brigarde Anti Ardinard(BAS) attempted to set himself on fire before the French National Assembly.

In a video circulating on media, Calibro Calibri can be seen with a can of petrol and a lighter in his hand. At some point, he pours out the fuel on his body attempting to light on the lighter.

Calibro justifies his act on the socio political situation in the North West and South West regions and the plight of the Cameroonian youths.

“Don’t come near, I will die here today. Cameroon is dying. Paul Biya kills Cameroonians Mr. Macron… I have the lighter, don’t come near… Paul Biya is a dictator… ”, Calibro can be heard from the video.

We could see from the video apparently Cameroonians trying to stop him from setting himself on fire.

His message is also an appeal to French deputies, whose silence he denounces on the situation in his country.

Calibro became more popular when on February 22,2020  during the opening of the Agricultural Show in France he challenged Emmanuel Macron to look into the genocide going on in Cameroon.

After his exchange with the French president, the Cameroon government through Emmanuel Sadi reacted to the video.

“The Cameroonian government has taken note of the content of a video circulated on social media on February 22, 2020, in which an individual posing as an activist from Cameroon, loudly calls out to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during the inauguration of the Paris International Agricultural Show. The Government unreservedly condemns the act of this individual who claims to belong to a people whose pride and dignity are known, and who believed he should challenge the Head of State of a country with which Cameroon has long-standing, close and mutually beneficial relationships of friendship and cooperation, which have always been based on the sacred principles of state sovereignty and mutual respect ”, wrote René Emmanuel Sadi.

Calibro was apprehended and taken to the hospital to check the state of his health following his attempted immolation. He was then take to the police station in Paris in good health.