The 2018 presidential candidate for the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation has called on Biya to take responsibility in managing the coronavirus.

Cabral Libii, through a forum conducted by the editorial staff of Actu Cameroun, called on the president Paul Biya to take the management of coronavirus into his hands.

Given the magnitude of the coronavirus situation, the former 2018 presidential candidate says the Minister of Public Health Dr. Malachie Manaouda can no longer manage the situation alone.

According to Cabral Libii, it is no longer possible for the nation of Cameroon to be managed in an automatic pilot mode.

He blames the president’s style of governing for being responsible for the present civil war going on in the English speaking parts of the country for four years now.

Cabral Libii has called on the president to wake up from his deep sleep.

For Cabral Libii, the good management of this health crisis presents itself as an honorable way out for the Head of State Paul Biya.

To Cabral Libii, noting that the people have been abandoned by their president, he recommends that they show individual and collective responsibility in preventing the coronavirus.

With the present official statistics showing more than 2000 infected cases and 70 deaths,Cameroon is moving towards a health disaster.

It is certain that the number of contaminated cases will increase as a result of the inconsistent lifting of restriction of people’s movement when there is a weak culture of collective and individual responsibility.

But it seems like the worst about to come; the economic crisis is around the corner.

A lot has happened in less than six weeks.

Small and Medium Size Enterprises, which constitute a large provider of taxes and jobs has suffered within this short period.

In order to survive them, the Prime Minister decided to take a short fiscal break for three months.

This will reduce the state revenue and will make it difficult for the government to finance its operating expenses.