Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been spreading like wildfire and it doesn’t seem like the pandemic is going to come to an end anytime soon. A lot of people from all over the world have already been infected with the coronavirus and since today, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is one of those many people.

Earlier today, Johnson came forward with the news of his diagnosis himself. He tweeted that he had made the decision to get tested for COVID-19 after experiencing some of the symptoms that were very common in regards to the Coronavirus and thus, the test came back positive. However, according to the Prime Minister there is absolutely no need to panic, because he has only been experiencing very mild symptoms, like a small fever and minor coughing. He assured everyone by saying that he doesn’t feel very sick at the moment and that he hopes this will remain the case.

Nonetheless, Johnson is currently self-isolating in Downing Street to lower the chances of him getting other people infected as well. However, he has already made it clear that he won’t let his diagnosis affect his duties as Prime Minister and thus, he will keep on working from home. When it comes to his official responsibilities, he will use video conferences and such to meet with the other members of the government. This way not much has to change and the Brits will still be able to count on their Prime Minister.

In light of this news, Johson has called on his fellow Brits and urges them to stay home as much as possible. Despite his diagnosis, Johnson remains positive that we will be able to fight the pandemic on the condition that everyone works together and follows the strict measures that have been imposed globally.