The leader of the Brigarde Anti Sardinard Movement Calibro Calibro has given up the fight against the regime of Biya just few weeks after he attempted suicide.


Abdoulaye Thiam alias Calibri Calibro is a Cameroonian anti Biya activist based in Paris France. In recent years Calibro Calibri has been advocating for president Paul Biya to leave power.

The leader of the BAS movement went an extra mile in an attempt to immolate himself all to show his loyalty and sympathy for his people in Cameroon.

Unfortunately on June 8, 2020 Calibro Calibri made an  overwhelming and surprising exit from the group; the BAS movement.

In a video circulating on social media, Calibro Calibri who has headed the group for over two years with intense fighting against the Yaounde regime, saw him leaving the group for personal reasons.

Because of his fight against the corrupt regime, his privacy was taken seriously.

“He makes it known that he is the object of endless attacks which threaten his flesh. He therefore prefers to capitulate and pass the baton to other actors in this fight which aims at the liberation of Cameroon ”, we learn.

According to sources obtained, there is currently a leadership battle in the group in the major European countries, especially in France.

For observers, the departure of Calibri Calibro is the immediate consequence of this deleterious climate that prevails within the BAS. To proof out,  Calibri Calibro speaks on the subject.

“For two years in social networks, you have been millions to support me. But it seems that I am the person who ensures that this fight does not advance. Maybe if I’m not here tomorrow, this fight would go much further. I have only one wish, it is to see the Biya regime fall and disappear definitively from Cameroon. It doesn’t have to be through Calibri. Calibri alone cannot do this. If my person prevents this fight from advancing, for the good of Cameroon, I turn to another fight, ”he says.