Bride Includes 4 Grandmothers As Flower Girls & The Photos Are So Sweet

Bride Includes 4 Grandmothers

Planning a wedding that’s beautiful, magical, perfectly unique, and thoughtful is no easy feat, but one bride and groom who recently tied the knot managed to do just that. Lyndsey Raby and new husband Tanner said their “I dos” last month in Tennessee and their happy day was made all the more special as their wedding party included their four grandmothers as honorary flower girls.

Raby tells Romper she felt “blessed” to have three of her grandmothers and one of the groom’s at their wedding, as many people are lucky to have one grandparent witness their big day. Raby says she got inspiration for her honorary flower girls on Pinterest and thought, “what a sweet way to involve some of the most important people to me.”

And as you can tell from the smiles on their faces in Raby’s wedding photos, they were totally ready for their wedding duties. “They absolutely loved it!” Raby tells Romper, referring to her 90-year-old great-grandmother Kathleen brown, grandmothers Wanda Grant, 76, and Betty Brown, 72, and her husband’s 70-year-old grandmother Joyce Raby. “That’s all that was talked about months leading up to the wedding.”

Raby says the honorary flower girls — who held baskets full of petals that had “here comes the bride” written on them as they walked down the aisle — were very involved in wedding planning, including picking out their matching dresses.

“I wanted something that would be comfortable for all of them,” she tells Romper, adding that they weren’t afraid to be honest with their feedback. “These divas did not care to tell you that they didn’t like something.” That’s what grandmas are for, right? Right.

Caho and her flower girls made some beautiful choices, as evidenced by the images wedding photographer Natalie Caho of Chattanooga captured that day. And like most of us, Raby’s flower girl idea nearly made Caho “burst with happy tears,” she tells Romper.

Bride Includes 4 Grandmothers

Caho, who’s been a wedding photographer for three years now and therefore has seen many of them, says the bride and groom’s families and “the grandmothers in their special roles” made this wedding was especially memorable for her. And getting to be part of the couple’s special day, Caho says it was clear to see “how much fun [the grandmothers] had with their flower girl duties.”

In fact, back in September, Caho shared a photo of Raby with the flower girls on her Instagram page with the caption. “I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day…. but these four gals take the cake.”

Bride Includes 4 Grandmothers

“Seeing the sass they brought all day was similar to the sass of a small girl if they were in the same role,” Caho says. “Age was definitely not a factor and I loved seeing how playful they all were at heart.”

Caho’s photos from Raby’s big day have recently gone viral, which the flower girls are apparently loving it. “They think they are movie stars,” Raby jokes. The newlywed tells Romper that while she didn’t expect these photos to get so much media attention, “just because it’s been done so many times,” everyone’s enjoying it for a really sweet reason. “They are all so happy,” Raby says, “and all of this is just reminding them of that happy day!”

Source: Romper