Benin / Bohicon 1 College of General Education: A young student stabs his friend to death.

The general education college of Bohicon 1 witnessed on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, a drama. A student in form three died as a result of a settlement of a quarrel with one of his classmates.

According to reports, Coco Carrelle, a third grade student, decides to settle a dispute between her classmate Ernest Agon by taking away his life with a pair of scissors she had brought from home.

To believe the story of witnesses of the tragedy, everything began on Monday, December 9, with a dispute. A story of table and bench. The girl had occupied a place which is said to have been the young boy’s seat as he claimed.

An argument erupts between them and the girl have slapped the fellow. The next day, Ernest Agon goes to the girl’s group to register because they were asked to form groups for presentations in class.

Evidently, he meets the resistance of her comrade who does not intend to collaborate with him. After an arm wrestling, the boy was savagely scratched around his neck.

Injured in his own love by the mockery of his friends who accuse him of being weak in front of a woman, the latter decides to take revenge. Wednesday, December 11, while they were out for sports in the college field, he went to the girl with a compass.

The latter reacts with a pair of scissors by stabbing him on the ribs and in the chest. An action that immediately stopped the boy’s breath of life.

He is transported urgently to the CHD-Zou but unfortunately he dies on the way, drained of his blood. Alerted, the elements of the police arrested the girl who will certainly answer for her actions.

For the time being, the girl spends her first nights behind bars at Bohicon Central Police Station. It should also be noted that this school year is the second drama recorded in this establishment.

A few months ago, it was the lightning that killed three students. And, according to some, it’s almost the same place that Wednesday’s drama had occurred.