The Beninese government has given until December 1 to the ambassador of the European Union Mission to leave the territory, accusing him of interference in domestic affairs, revealed on Wednesday to several diplomatic sources.
“He (Oliver Nette) fits far too much into the home affairs. He does not respect his duty as a diplomat “, justified a Beninese diplomatic source who was highly placed under cover of anonymity.
“He has until December 1 to leave Benin,” He added. ” The Ministry (of Foreign Affairs of Benin had already several times drawn his attention on excesses, but it persisted. The EU Ambassador said he was protected by Brussels.

For the EU, nothing can justify such a step in the good overall relations that existed up to now between the EU and Benin
A European spokesperson told AFP that the foreign affairs service had been informed on 20th November of the decision of Benin authorities to withdraw their approval from Mr Nette, a German national and head of the EU delegation. .

“For the EU, nothing can justify such a measure in the good overall relations that have existed so far between the EU and Benin,” he said. “We have therefore urgently requested our partners in Benin to clarify the specific reasons for their decision, but we have not yet received them at this stage,” he added.

(Oliver Nette

According to several European diplomatic sources stationed in Cotonou, this decision was taken in a brutal manner, without prior convocation, contrary to the diplomatic practices in force.
Benin has been in a political crisis since the end of April, the date of the last parliamentary elections, which the opposition could not run.

The former Beninese president and opponent Thomas Boni Yayi denounced a “parody of elections” and now lives in exile. He made a quick visit to the country with a delegation of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) without having met the Head of State, despite what the presidency had announced.
Patrice Talon, elected in April 2016, is accused of having initiated an authoritarian turning point in Benin, model country of democracy in West Africa.

By Subiru Madina