One of Cameroon most famous lawyer and leader of the Now Movement, Barrister Akere Muna  has condemned the act of the Ambazonian fighters on Camair Co aircraft MA60 and termed in an act of international terrorism.

In a tweet yesterday, his reactions condemns the act by indicating that it put the lives of innocent people in danger.

Shooting at CAMAIR-CO Aircraft type MA60 in Bamenda is an outright act of international terrorism. It advances no cause, endangers innocent lives and destroys any capital of sympathy accumulated…” Barrister Akere Muna wrote.

Barrister Akere Muna further regretted that the fight for the independence of Southern Cameroon has turned into the unexpected. Many of us toil day and night for justice and peace. Then this!” He further noted, expressing his discontent with the act that endangered the lives of 28 people on board the plane

Suspected Ambazonian fighters attacked and opened fire on on Camair-Co’s MA60 aircraft as it was approaching the Bamenda airport for landing on Sunday December 1, 2019.

muna tweeted

In a communique issued by the management of the Cameroon Airline Company, no loss of human life was recording in the attack, and and neither did the passengers on board suffer any injury, though many were reportedly left in panic.

The communique further states that “the plane has been grounded in order to assess the nature of the impact in consultation with the relevant technical authorities” and, “consequently, Camair-Co’s flight schedule has been re-organised to limit any disruption that may result”.