The bafoussam tragedy which has left over 30 death is preoccupying top bras in and out of the country as they alongside Cameroonians have been extending their condolences and standing by their fellow Cameroonians during this trying moment

President Paul Biya just tweeted that he received the news of the death of some of his compatriots with sadness and addresses his condolences to the affected families.

While 2018 presidential candidate Serge Espoire Matomba says he received the news with a heavy heart. And adds that this tragedy should be an eye opener on the structural problems facing Cameroon with haphazard construction of houses in the country the order of the day while sending them his condolences.

Football superstar Nchout Njoya Ajara who hails from the west region affected by this disaster has called on all to pray for Bafoussam and her people saying that”Bafoussam cries, my heart cries, Bafoussam is sad,I am sad”. And The princess ended with “God the creator we are leaving all in your hands” .

Cameroonians have been doing their bid to ensure that they sympathise with their affected brothers and sisters in the west region of Cameroon.