The absence of  Welwitschia dos Santos in parliament has led to her suspension as the daughter of former Angola  president Jose Eduardo dos Santos is said to have moved to the UK abandoning her seat in parliament adding that her absence amounts to “unjust enrichment”.

Tchize, as she is popularly called  , moved to Britain last year after claiming Angola’s secret services were threatening her.

the former president’s second daughter was elected to parliament in 2008 and joined the central committee of the ruling Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in 2016.

during her time in the United kingdom she has  been using the social media to blast the ruling regime  under Joao Lourenco saying in one of her posts that she was forced to leave Angola because of political prosecution.

“I am completely censured by public press and even by most private media (outlets) controlled by people linked to the regime,” she added.

Tchize was an influential figure in Angolan media and controlled one of the country’s leading advertising agencies.

Dos Santos appointed several family members to key economic and political positions during his 38-year rule, which ended after he stepped down in September 2017.