Emmanuel Macron reveals haven mounted pressure on Paul Biya for the release of Maurice Kamto!

Interrogated by a BAS activist about an ongoing “genocide” in Cameroon, Emmanuel Macron did not pretend not to hear the activist’s cries. Better still, Emmanuel Macron gave him a few minutes and answered his questions.

he release of Maurice Kamto is the result of pressure from France, in particular from its President of the Republic. The French head of state Emmanuel Macron who revealed it himself this Saturday.

The president of France pressured Biya to release Kamto

“I said to President Biya: “I don’t want to see you in Lyon until Maurice KAMTO is released”. And he was released because of the pressure,” said Emmanuel Macron.
Recall that Paul Biya was in Lyon on October 8, 2019. He took part in the Sixth Reconstruction Conference of the Resources of the Global Fund to Fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The conference took place from October 8-10. Before leaving for Lyon, however, Paul Biya had taken lenient measures against Maurice Kamto et al. Thus, on October 5, the president of the CRM and a hundred of his supporters recovered their freedom. President Paul Biya had indeed decided to drop all charges.

Macron promised to end the ongoing Anglophone crisis

The French head of state notably mentioned the ongoing crisis in the English speaking regions. He described the violence going on there as “intolerable”. Emmanuel Macron said he would put the necessary pressure to put an end to the violence going on in the English-speaking regions.
Also, Emmanuel Macron advises Paul Biya on a political opening.

The French president recommends him to decentralize power, to release political prisoners. In addition, he calls on Paul Biya to respect the rule of law. “About President Biya, I told him. He must reopen the game. He must decentralize power. He must liberate political opponents. He must uphold the rule of law. I would put everything in my power to do it, I want you to know, “said Emmanuel Macron, in response to the activist.

The revelations of French President Emmanuel Macron should certainly force the government to react. The words of the French head of state are clearly not very diplomatic.