Very angry, the inhabitants of Balikumbat in the North West Region destroy several separatist camps.

According to the local administrative authority, the Senior Divisional Officer of NgoKetunjia, Quetong Anderson Kongueh, the residents

have just seized a large stock of weapons.

Fatal blow for the separatists in the locality of Balikumbat, department of Ngoketunjia. It is in the northwest region of Cameroon. The

population decides to attack the separatist camps. This is in reaction to the abuses committed by them.

From a well-introduced source, everything starts from an argument between a motorcycle driver and the Amba Boys. The scene takes

place at the checkpoint installed by them.

“A motorcyclist was stopped by the control of Amba Boys, who asked him to pay money before passing. The motorcycle driver said he had

no money. They took his motorcycle. The latter complained to his colleagues and it provoked collective action ” Relates Quetong Anderson

Kongueh, Who is the SDO of Ngoketunjia.

At the time, we learn that the revolt resulted in the destruction of several secessionist camps. There is also rumour on the seizure of a large

stock of weapons.

Quetong Anderson Kongueh

“In the camps, there were traces which were destroyed and then we recovered certain weapons which were kept in the camps. Even

objects stolen during burglaries have been recovered ”. Welcomes the SDO, Quetong Anderson Kongueh.

Subsequently, he launched a vibrant appeal to the population. Many seem to start taking inspiration from the action taken to launch the

final assault. “People must give information, form self-defense groups.” Adds Quetong Anderson Kongueh.

Recall that the North West region of Cameroon is one of the regions prey to separatist abuses. Since the start of the crisis in 2016, there

have been kidnappings and killings, and this is the first time, the population has attacked the secessionists.

By Subiru Madina