March 8  was a day of mourning,  “We are mourning, we lost women and children less than a month ago… When you are in mourning, you don’t feel like celebrating”, says Barrister Alice Nkom

The hashtag #MarchInBlack was launched by women who do not want the celebration of March 8 to take place like previous editions.

Barrister Alice Nkom is one of the promoters of this hashtag.

It is, in fact, about denouncing the violence against women.

The hashtag was launched a few days ago.

It is about inviting women to dress in black in order to denounce all forms of violence.

It is more specifically violence linked to the crisis ongoing in the English-speaking regions of the country.

“We are mourning, we lost women and children less than a month ago, on February 14 precisely (Ngarbuh massacre) and I believe that everyone can understand that when you are in mourning, you do not have the heart of partying, “said Alice Nkom.

Also, Barrister Alice Nkom deplores the folklore that surrounds the day of March 8.

According to her, it should rather be a day devoted to a reflection on the conditions of women.

“We don’t want the 2020 March 8 to run like the other March 8 that that is being reduced only to loincloth,” said Alice Nkom.

She is moved that the authorities do not express any empathy towards women and their pain.

The #MarchInBlack hashtag is an initiative of Kah Walla, Barristers Michèle Ndoki, Charlotte Tchakounte and Alice Nkom.

However, if the hashtag was successful on social networks, in reality, things would have been different as the loincloths of March 8th were indeed very successful for this day.