The United States Congress has written another tough letter to the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, requesting him the resolve the ongoing anglophone crisis. The congress says the US may take further decisions if Biya does not address the issues quickly.

The Congress says they are aware of the insecurity and violence in the anglophone regions, Congress says the conflict between the state forces and the non-state armed group has resulted in an increasing number of casualties, leaving many internally displaced and as refugees, with thousands of children out of school for a third year now.

“The situation is not getting better, as your government asserts: it is getting worse”, the congress wrote. “Given the failure of various internal initiatives to halt the crisis and bring peace to these regions of Cameroon, the government of Cameroon should demonstrate political will by engaging in the Swiss-led facilitation process, which could lead to future negotiations between the Cameroonian government and the opposition in the North West and South West, as well as the diaspora”, they further wrote.

According to the congress negotiations and institutional reforms will lead to greater power-sharing and decision making, but unless the conflict is resolved such can not be achieved.

US congress lette to Biya 1

letter to Biya 2

congress writes to Biya

They also brought to the knowledge of the president that they are aware of the atrocities committed by the non-state armed group, but disagree with Biya’s government that the non-state armed groups are responsible for the killings in these regions. They mentioned that they have consistent convincing evidence from unbiased independent sources that the government’s security forces are responsible for the majority of killings of civilians and the destruction of properties especially the burning of houses.”There is evidence of soldiers dragging wounded people out of hospitals and their lifeless bodies found abandoned later”, they wrote.

The also acknowledged and appreciated the government’s effort in regards to the Major National Dialogue and the release of Maurice Kamto, Cameroon Renaissance Movement president and some 333 detainees, but called on the government to enable a ceasefire.