“Government killing of civilians in Cameroon is inexcusable”, says Tibor Nagy.

The United States Secretary of state for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy has denounced the killing of civilians by government forces in the North West and South West regions.

It is almost a month the government released the results of the findings of the Ngarbuh Massacre.

Government is yet to implement the measures and sanction taken after the findings.

On Monday May 18, he took to his tweeter page to condemn the atrocities of the Cameroon government on civilians.

He said the government’s act of killing of civilians is “inexcusable”.

Tibor Nagy called for a “follow-through on Ngarbuh investigation”

The American diplomat condemns atrocities from both government and separatist groups.

He denounced government killing of civilians and separatist attacks on government officials.

According to Tibor Nagy, both parties should stop the violence and start enter into a negotiating dialogue.

“Government killing of civilians in , is inexcusable. I urge follow-through on Ngarbuh investigation and many other incidents of this nature. I also condemn separatist attacks on local officials such as the murder of Mamfe’s mayor. Stop violence, start talking”, he tweeted.

After the Ngarbuh massacre of February 14, 2020, the government through the Head of State created a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the exact happening of the event.

The result of the findings of the investigation was made public after pressure from local and international communities.

Unfortunately, nothing has been heard of the implementation of the measures that were taken after the findings.

Among other measures was the compensation of the families that were victims of the event, and the arrest and trial of the soldiers responsible.