The governor and military commanders are responsible for killings in the North West region.

The United Nations has reacted and condemned the killing of over 20 persons in Ngar, Donga Mantung Division, Northwest region.

The Cameroon army invaded the village and began shooting indiscriminately. Most of the victims of were children and pregnant women.

United Nations’ Humanitarian Coordinator for the North West of has condemned this act of the military.

The coordinator also called on the Yaounde government to conduct an open investigations to the killing of innocent and harmless civilians.

As if the killings were not enough, the military burnt down the houses and destroyed their properties after killing the victims.

military burnt houses in Ngar village, North West Cameroon

Most of the killings have been orchestrated with the approval of the  governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique and the army commanders in charge of military operations in the North West region.

It is still a doubt to many why the military will randomly kill children and pregnant women.

The government has been calling on all those in the bushes to return to their homes. But each time they attempt to do so, the soldiers will attack, kill them and burn their houses.

At the same time, the UN coordinator call on the attention of armed separatists not to attack humanitarians bring help to victims.

The Yaounde government has been using disproportionate force in the two English-speaking regions of the country in order to put an end to an insurgency that began since 2016.

The president of the Republic had promised to crush separatist fighters as a way of ending the crisis.

Despite calls from the international communities, the government of Biya believes that only military violence is the only way to solve the crisis.

Ministers don’t want the crisis to end

Some key members of the president’s government such as the minister of higher education, Fame Ndongo, and defense minister, Joseph Beti Assomo, have successfully created a war economy through which they enrich themselves.

These two ministers are working behind the scenes, doing everything possible to ensure that the crisis does not end.

Due to their intransigence and corruption, their names have appeared on a US list of people who are very likely to be sanctioned by the US government.

It should also be recalled that several persons were killed during last week twin elections. An election whose turn out was questionable, and results already known before election date.

The Anglophone crisis has been going on since 2016. It has left more than 5000 persons death, with more than 10,000 persons displaced.