Joined by the USA, China and Russia have just reaffirmed their disapproval about a possible partition of Cameroon.

During the last meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, China and Russia, whose support on the indivisibility of Cameroon remained indestructible, have just been joined by the USA, in the refusal to marry the separatist cause.

The Africa administration official confirmed this during an interview with journalists on March 04, 2020 at the Wilson Center in Washington. T

ibor Nagy, said to this effect, speaking of his country that: ” we support a unified Cameroon … the last thing that Africa needs is a new state that will generate poverty and misery “.

To signify the good faith of his words, the American diplomat said that the USA intends to extend their support right up to the process of transferring power to decentralized local authorities.

If China and Russia constantly maintain their favors to the institutions of the Republic, the arrival of the USA by their side sounds like the advent of the time of reason for the country of Uncle Sam.

All the more that the United States has always had an ambiguous and enigmatic position on the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

Keeping the financiers of this crisis on its soil with impunity while extradition warrants and complaints against them are piling up in the courts, very beautifully reflects the complicity between the two camps.

Besides, Russia has often opposed “humanitarian intervention” in Cameroon.

A posture which is based on concrete actions carried out by the President of the Republic, the government and the populations aiming at an internal resolution and without international intervention, of this conflict.

This makes Anatoly Bashkin, ambassador of the Russian Federation to Cameroon, say that his country is determined to act in favor of the government authorities.

“ We are watching the situation in both regions; the government of Cameroon has taken measures to put an end to the conflict like the holding of the great national dialogue and the progressive implementation of its recommendations which granted a special status to the North West and the South West ”.

This collective “ no ” from three of the five countries that make up the UN Security Council comes the day after the French president’s controversial exit from the agricultural fair on the Anglophone crisis.

A setback for France’s activism and the silence of other powers prone to violation of the sacrosanct principle of the inviolability of borders.


Source: Actu Cameroun