The minister of Territorial Administration recently castigated the figures of humanitarian victims established by humanitarian organizations.

The minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji in a press briefing last weekend castigated the figures put up by humanitarian organizations as to the number of humanitarian victims affected by the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Paul Atanga Nji’s statement

With the intention of trying to minimize the situation of the crisis, the minister Paul Atanga Nji attacked and criticized the figures of humanitarian organizations.

According to the minister, the figures of the humanitarian organizations are manipulative, attempting to demonstrate that the government of Cameroon is incapable of handling her humanitarian affairs.

” The aim of this shameful manipulation is clear: to prove that the government of the Republic of Cameroon is incapable of managing the humanitarian situation and to elicit intervention from the international community, supposedly, under the guise of the right to humanitarian intervention”, said the minister Paul Atanga Nji.

Atanga Nji also accuses humanitarian organizations of circulating weapons in the English-speaking regions under cover of their activities. To which the UN responds bluntly: “Aid workers should be supported, not targeted.”

Response from the United Nations office

The United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Assistance responded to the criticisms of the minister in relation to the figures.

The U.N body in a release today Monday said 922,000persons have been displaced internally as a result of the crisis, whereas the minister said internally displaced persons are not up to 250,000.

Paul Atanga Nji narrowed the figure of internally displaced persons to just 150,000 within the North West and South West. Again he said between 6000 to 9000 persons have been displaced to nearby regions.

According to the reports of Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs), there have been more than 2,000 dead, and 600,000 internally displaced since the start of the crisis in 2016.

According to the UN National Office in Cameroon, “The statistics on the humanitarian situation in Cameroon are not fake news. Indeed 4.3 million people are in emergency and for the moment, only 41% of the needs are covered ”.