In another battle, soldiers of the Cameroon army have proven stronger than the armed separatist as they killed seven “Ambazonia” fighters.

In recent confrontations, the Cameroon army have been on the offensive side against the separatist fighters, neautralizing the armed groups in every recent battle.

The Cameroonian army in a recent battle neutralized seven separatists during an offensive on Sunday June 28 in the locality of Ntabah in the North West, we learned from security sources.

These enemies of the republic had set fire on two trucks carrying food, having kidnapped the two drivers.

The operation resulted in the destruction and recovery of small arms and warfare, ammunition and means of transport such as motorcycles.

Anglophone separatists campaign for the creation of an independent state in the Cameroonian regions of the North West and South West, the scene of an armed conflict since the end of 2016.

Clashes between military forces and armed separatists have occurred there since, almost every day. More than 2,000 people (civilian and military) were killed according to the International Crisis Group (ICG) analysis center.

There is continuous fighting in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon despite international calls for ceasefire by both parties.

The separatist leaders have declared this week to be a “ghost week” in both two regions.