Anglophone Crisis: Sisiku Ayuk Tabe has accepted negotiations from the government of Cameroon.

The nine Ambazonia leaders in Kondengue prison entered a ceasefire negotiation with the government of Cameroon.


On Thursday July 2, 2020, Ambazonia leaders at the Yaounde Central prison(Kondengue) were invited by the government of Cameroon to discuss a ceasefire agreement.

“ Yesterday, July 2, 2020, nine of us were invited, and we spoke with a team from the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, about the initiative for a cease-fire, following the call United Nations. The terms are under discussion, and we will inform the Ambazonians once significant progress is made, ” said Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, president of the Ambazonia.

Abgor Balla, Human rights lawyer and Civil Society activist reacted to the statement mad by Ayuk Tabe.

According to Agbor Balla who declared his support for this discussion, the decision is a bravery and commendable initiative of the government and Sisiku Tabe Tabe Co.

” I salute the bravery and commendable initiative of the government and Sisiku Tabe Tabe Co who met on July 2, 2020 to begin the discussions. I very much hope that these discussions will help find a breakthrough in the current logjam. I support these discussions, ”  said Agbor Balla, Human Rights lawyer and Civil Society activist.

According to the Ambazonia leaders, their objective of the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroon remain unchanged.

” Rest assured that we remain on our objective of restoring the independence of our nation,” Sisiku Tabe added.