Political expert made an analysis of the current Anglophone Crisis.

The Anglophone crisis that has been going on since 2016 has affected the economy of Cameroon. Here is the analysis of a political expert who to him Paul Biya has a good knowledge of the situation on the ground.

A popular saying says that we know when a war starts but we do not know when it will take. This is to say that it is easy today to ask President BIYA to put out a fire that he did not start , than to sit down the manipulated diaspora with their European partners who have put down the logs that maintain the fire that is being criticized at the moment. No one today, and no more than this international community, is unaware of the genesis of what is akin to genocide currently in the NOSO regions.

The corporatist demands triggered at the outset were only a fallacious pretext to lead to the setting to music of a macabre scenario which will consist in claiming the partition of our country, in order to appease the appetites of power which nourished the band to Ayuk Tabe and company with the blessing of certain countries of the North who have pre-financed the initiatives with the ultimate ambition of coming to exploit the soil and the subsoil of the Republic of Ambazonia which was to be born from the ashes of this war.

The rest we know. When the rule of law is attacked from both the outside and the inside, the Head of State, in his posture as guarantor of the peace and security of his fellow citizens, takes on his responsibilities to protect the civilian population and public buildings which quickly become the preferred target of secessionist fighters. The army will initially have only a deterrent role on the ground, anything which will be considered cowardice by the camp opposite which will not delay in massacring the elements of the defense and security forces.

It all started from there. Now that Ayuk Tabe and his gang have been neutralized and many of the generals have been killed, a ceasefire is called. Who started the fire and who should put it out? It is clear that it is the one who lit that is best placed to end it. President Paul BIYA has reached such political and power maturity that he can no longer be impressed by an international community, for the simple reason that he is aware of having the best analysis of the situation in the field. His intention was never to take the life of just one of his fellow citizens, but faced with the atrocities and atrocities coming from opposite, the army in the end has really no choice.
As we can see, the international community which made use of all the subterfuges to disembark the old Lion of Etoudi, going as far as the infiltration of pyromaniac diplomats, finds itself narrowly known in the face of the experienced and the ‘irremovable Head of State Cameroon who has his agenda on the issue and intends to unfold it without external pressure, but relying on the contextual reality on the ground”.