General Obi Wilfred Obi of the Manyu Ghost Warriors has been killed by soldiers of the Cameroon Defense Force.


Open sources has it that the notorious Ambazonian General Obi Wilfred Obi who led the Manyu Ghost Warriors has been killed by soldiers in Mkpot village, a precinct in Eyumojock Subdivision.

“General Obi Wilfred Obi of Mkpot Village, Commander of Manyu Ghost Warriors, was hit by a CARINA E vehicle belonging to soldiers on Friday, June 19, 2020,” Cameroon News Agency reported. “He was being followed after he attended a funeral. He left on a motorbike; eight of the soldiers were inside two of the cars. One car hit him around a hill called Eyang, Ashum village in Manyu division. They stepped down and hit him severally before he gave up the ghost. His bike was set on fire. There was no exchange of gunshots.”

This is the second Ambazonian General killed after attending a funeral, with the first being “General” Amigo in Boyo Division neutralised on his way from a funeral.

Obi is believed to have masterminded the killing of one of the drivers of the late Mayor for Manyu. The driver was shot by armed men at Eyang on Wednesday May 6, 2020.

On May 10, the Mayor for Manyu was shot dead my armed men. According to authorities, the Mayor Ashu Prisely was “murdered in cold blood by a group of secessionist terrorists in an ambush laid by these criminals, surprisingly at a time when they are rather expected to be laying down their weapons as it has been announced persistently by numerous facilitators.”

“Indeed, the now late Mayor was on his way to a scheduled meeting at Eshobi village, some eight kilometers from Mamfe town. He received a bullet on the head fired by the enemy using an automatic weapon of the AK47 brand and died on the spot. In the same vein, two elements of the defense forces who were escorting the Mayor were also severely wounded and immediately rushed to the Mamfe District Hospital for emergency medical assistance,” said Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of the South-West region.