End of year: Because of the Crisis, the city of Bamenda has no “heart” in the festivities.

On the eve of Christmas and end-of-year celebrations, the city of Bamenda in the north-west region remains inactive, without any festivity.

Indeed due to the growing insecurity, customers are becoming scarce in the markets. The city of Bamenda lives in apathy because of the

insecurity that has plagued it since the start of the war. In the markets, the crowds are shy and, according to traders, the war has “ruined”

them, customers are scarce and secessionist attacks are frequent. But those most affected are people living with disabilities, who not only

live in insecurity but are also the most vulnerable in the event of an attack.

Abdul Karim Ali, a Muslim scholar has accused the administration of Bamenda of causing unnecessary hold-ups and accidents in

Bamenda this day, 24th December 2019, the eve of Christmas.

In a publication on his Facebook page, he says security forces blocked the major commercial street causing accidents.

“This is slavery. How can you abuse power this much? Lrc blocks the major commercial street of Bamenda on the 24th of December

causing untold accidents and hold-ups.” He Writes.

Recall that for the past three years since the Anglophone crisis erupted in 2017, nothing has been going well in the two English Speaking

regions especially when it comes to business, talk less of End of year festivities.

By Subiru Madina