Cameroonians to join Paul Biya in the search for peace and national unity.

According to Mindja Zam Georges, Municipal Councilor for Bertoua 2 council, Paul Biya is not moved by local and international pressures.

His words:

“In Cameroon, for more than three years, the situation has been worrying, especially in the NOSO, with the socio-political crisis raging there. This crisis has clearly revealed the dissensions, both within national opinion and within the international community.

Speaking of the international community, we recognize that it seems to have an interest in fundamental freedoms. But, with the memory of the military interventions in Africa, we are entitled to note that these Western interventions on our continent, were far from being limited only to humanitarian motivations.

To do this, is it necessary for this international community to interfere in our internal conflict and provide solutions, or better yet, should impose on our Cameroonian leaders, a cease-fire, while we observe that these are terrorists who want to wreak havoc on NOSO?

We are aware that the resolution of African crises by the international community is part of the infantilization logic of African heads of state. Thus, the African continent has remained since independence the main framework for interference by this international community, especially since it believes that our local forces are not able to defend the populations, and this with the support of some of the political leaders local opposition.

With regard to the crisis in our country, the conflict between the national armed forces and terrorist groups, which has claimed several lives since the start of the armed phase, the Head of State and his Government have not hesitated to engage in the resolution of this crisis, through strong acts. Despite this, the international community has tried several ploys to impose on the Cameroonian authorities a cease-fire on this conflict which has become economic and political.

But, knowing our President of the Republic, a fine political strategist, who always knew how to thwart all forecasts, a President of the Republic of an indisputable influence in the world, his rigor on all levels and his international prestige, President of the Republic which never worked in populism, we are very certain, that it will not yield to the pressure, whichever side it comes from. Besides, we are aware that he often acted in accordance with his own conscience, to preserve peace and national unity.

When it comes to the end of this conflict, isn’t it vulgarly said that: “Whatever the length of the night, the day will eventually rise”. This saying would remind us that everything has an end. We are hopeful that this socio-political crisis will end soon.

Notwithstanding all the reports against Cameroon about this socio-political crisis, some people find that our country is neglected by the international community and that the “lion man” is imperturbable.

To this end, let us remember the words of the French Prime Minister, François Fillon, on May 21, 2009 in Yaoundé who said: “Our goal is to help Africa build its own collective security system.

The way of the future is therefore a veritable Africanization of conflict resolution ”.

Taking into account the above, Cameroon does not support the idea that its security can be decided elsewhere. Increasingly, the Head of State is looking for Cameroonian political solutions and not for political solutions imagined elsewhere and imposed on Cameroon. For us, these are political solutions that are naturally necessary, because they are adapted to our environment and our culture. All solutions are specific to each situation.

Beyond the fact that the international community experiences the greatest difficulties in assuming security around the world and at the origin of this impotence, the dissensions between the Member States, which have difficulty in adopting a common attitude towards crises, we must recognize that the President of the Republic and his Government are making a lot of effort to put an end to this socio-political crisis of NOSO, which seems to be going on.

The international community must review its methods and philosophy, while all Cameroonians must accompany the President of the Republic and his Government to work in the search for peace and national unity ”.