Three Cameroonian soldiers were charged with murder of civilians in Ngarbuh on February 14, 2020.


Justice has finally been done to the victims of the February Ngarbuh Massacre. Three Cameroonian soldiers were found guilty and charged with the murder of of civilians, including ten children in Ngarbuh, north West region of Cameroon.

According to the information gotten by Radio France Internationale (RFI), three Cameroonian soldiers were found guilty of “murdering” civilians on February 14, 2020 in Ngarbuh, North West region.

Commander Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo spokesman to the Cameroonian army also confirmed the information. He said “the three Cameroonian soldiers have been placed under provisional detention warrant at the Yaoundé military prison.”

According to the reports of the Commission for Inquiry created by the president of the republic to investigate the killings in Ngarbuh, actions had been taken against the soldiers who are responsible for the operation in Ngarbuh.

However, information revealed that it was mainly the motorized infantry battalion who were responsible for this operation. If this be the case then the battalion chief Nyianono commander Ze Charles Eric and his men of the 52nd Motorized Infantry Battalion are responsible for the operation in Ngarbuh.

Also included in the operation were Sergeant Baba Guida, Constable Sanding Sanding Cyrille and Haranga Gilbert. These could be the three that were charged and in pre-trial detention in a military prison in Yaounde.

According to the UN reports, the operation led to the death of over 20 persons including 10 children, whereas Yaounde reports a total of ten deaths.

The incident which the army spoke of “unfortunate accident” was denied by the military for over two months. It was until after pressure came from the international community that the president established a committee to investigate the operation.

The results of the investigation proofed that the army was responsible, the military through its spokesman came up and termed the event as “unfortunate accident”.