The American NGO, in its report on the events of the Donga Mantung on February 14, seizing the pretext of killings orchestrated by secessionist militias on the Peulh, discards the Bororos and the army to justify its thesis drawn by the hair of an alleged massacre of 22 people.

“The soldiers were accompanied by a group of armed Peulhs. They broke in and looted all the houses in Ngarbuh 2.

They forced the residents out, myself included, and gathered us in the village square, near the market. Some people were tied up with ropes.

They forced us to lie face down on the floor. We were not allowed to lift our heads. If you did, they would hit you with a machete …

We were then released. ” Thus, on reading the Human Rights Watch report on the incidents in Ngarbuh, Ndu district in the department of Donga Mantung, north-west region, the defense forces are said to have

become gangs of criminals who looted people’s homes defenseless, and are helped by supposed village militias to fulfill their missions to protect the country.

Because, obviously, the army having become powerless to carry out an operation at night, it now falls back on men without experience in the profession of arms, to burn down a village and “massacre” without reason

22 innocent people.

For Human Rights Wtach, the pretext of the events would be in the conflictual past between Peulh breeders and the separatists.

“Armed separatists have targeted the Peulh people for the sake of their cattle and accused them of joining self-defense groups close to the government.

Fulani armed groups have also attacked communities where armed separatists are said to operate. ”

The exit of illaria Allegrozi, author of the report written from Nairobi, suddenly justifies the carnage that took place in the early morning of February 16 in the village of Mbui-Mbem, Nwa district, still in the Donga

department. Mantung.

Separatist militiamen burst into this village and murder the family of Yusufa Kafoi, his sons Hassan Yusufa Kafoi, Issa Yusufa Kafoi, Adàmu Yaya Djibo and injure Hurera Abdu, Halimâ Yusufa

and Muktaru Suie.

In passing, the secessionist fighters will burn down 31 homes. No condemnation or indignation and no surprise, no line of this butchery in the report of an NGO which obviously works on the basis of

gossip and gossip, it being understood that the author of the report never went down to Ngarbuh.


Source: Actu Cameroun