The Commission of inquiry created by president Paul Biya published reports of investigation into the Ngarbuh massacre of February 14, 2020.

The Commission of inquiry created by the Head of States has published its report of investigation into the Ngarbuh massacre.

On Tuesday April 21, 2020, the Commission published the report which was communicated to the Cameroonian population in a press release.

It is learnt that the government was misled by the initial reports presented by Sergeant Baba Guida who led the operations in Ngarbuh between February 13 and 14.

According to the press release, the initial report voluntarily  published by Sergeant Baba Guida was a bias report.

“Returning to Ntumbaw, Sergeant Baba Guida who led the operation, sent a voluntarily biased report to his superiors. Account on the basis of which the government initially founded its communication, ”, read the press release.

Interrogation of Sergeant Baba Guida and his men

According to the Commission of inquiry, the sergeant is responsible for what is now called the Ngarbuh Massacre.

“Sergeant Baba Guida associated civilians with a military operation, did not control his men during the said operation, ordered the burning of houses and voluntarily disguised the report of the operation and his balance sheet,” said the report of the Commission.

The report also said the soldiers were helped by vigilance committee who were on a punitive expedition against the separatist fighters in Ngarbuh.

According to the report, the operation went wrong.

“After an exchange of fire during which 5 terrorists were killed and several weapons seized, the detachment discovered that 3 women and 10 children died as a result of its action. In a panic, the three soldiers, helped by certain members of the vigilance committee, tried to mask the facts by fires,” said the report.

The report has announced the arrest of the sergeant and two other soldiers responsible for perpetuating the tragic atrocities in Ngarbuh.