Would the call of the head of state Paul Biya for a return to peace in the English-speaking area begin to have an impact?

Indeed, we learned this Friday that Kingsly Atabongafac, first assistant to Field Marshall, secessionist fighter, recently self-proclaimed traditional chief of Essoh-Attah, in the South West of Cameroon, would have decided to lay down his arms and give himself a chance to reintegrate Cameroonian society normally.

“I take the opportunity of this Youth Day to, once again, launch an appeal to our young compatriots in the North West and South West. 

Those who have allowed themselves to be recruited into armed gangs and who continue to maintain a climate of insecurity in these two regions must lay down their arms, following the example of many who have already done so and who live in peace within our communities.

 I continue to urge them to get out of the bush and find their other young fellow citizens who lead normal lives in society… ” announced Paul Biya on February 10.

A really followed call?

A call that is beginning to be followed? This Friday, Kingsly Atabongafac, the first assistant of the secessionist fighter Field Marshall, would have decided to lay down their arms.

According to sources, the 31-year-old man, originally from the village of Njenawung in the English-speaking part of Cameroon, went himself to the elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) in the sector of the commune of Alou.

After being received, the same sources indicate that he agreed to accompany the Defense and Security Forces in order to recover his concealed combat equipment.

According to other sources, Kingsly Atabongafac would have chosen this option after the arrest of the Field Marshall concubine last January.

He would have been afraid of the repercussions if he tried to spread terror in the area.


Source: Actu Cameroun.