Government administrator accused separatists who dressed in military attire and invaded Ngarbu village.

The recent killings of over thirty persons including children and pregnant women is the focus now.

Everybody konows that on February 14, 2020, the Cameroon military invaded the village of Ngarbu in the North West region. Their overnight invasion resulted to the killing of pregnant women and children.

Report says the soldiers were accompanied by ex separatists fighters and some members of the Mbororo community in that locality.

When they arrived at night, they burnt down houses including civilians who were already asleep. some managed to escape.

Some of the villagers were shot to death. An entire family was wiped out by the soldiers.

Communique from ministry of Defense on the Ngarbu massacre

Days after the the event, the government decided to break her silence. Every body knew already what the government would say.

In a communique signed by the Communication Chief at the Ministry of Defense, Atonfack Guemo, the killing of civilians and destruction of their properties was not intentional.

According to the communique, it was as a result of military confrontation with separatist fighters that resulted to their death. The confrontation resulted to the explosion of a container containing fuel, which resulted to the destruction and death.

Different information from different government officials.

Th explosion, according to the communique killed five persons,a woman and her four children contrary to what the population knows.

The communique also states that separatist fighters and their allies have been spreading false information and images on social media, with the intention to deceive the international community.

The Defense ministry says, those images are not from Ngarbu, that they are old images of incidents in Mezam division.

Contrarily, in an interview with MMI on Monday Febraury 17, 2020, the Divisional Officer of Ndu said separatists fighters attacked their colleagues who dressed in military uniforms.

The Divisional Officer also said the government military did not enter Ngarbu and were not involved in the fighting.

In another contrary information between the ministry of Defense and the D.O, while the ministry said five persons were killed, the D.O said he could not ascertain how many were killed in the fight.

There have been calls from different organizations for the government to do an investigation over the massacre of these innocent civilians.