Government has rejected accusations that soldiers killed women and children in Babanki, but accepted that several persons were killed.

The minister of Communication and country spokesman has reacted to the killings in Babanki, North West Region of Cameroon.

Clashes between security and suspected armed fighters led to a dozen dead with some villagers accusing the army of killing innocent civilians.

However, the minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi  in a statement said that soldiers carried out a riposte mission on a separatist camp in Babanki.

Minister René Emmanuel Sadi, government spokesman, confirms that indeed, several people were killed during the night of Friday 28 to Saturday 29 February 2020 in Small Babanki.

Before confirming this,the government spokesman said it all began on Tuesday February 25, when armed men attacked the construction site of the command post of the 5 th Joint Military Region in Bamenda.

The minister said the attack saw the death of two soldiers of 2 e class and a civil engineer of the construction site; three wounded in the ranks of the defense and security forces, five civilian hostages kidnapped by the secessionists and burned or carried away property.

In response, the minister said the military attack in small Babanki on February 25, was in retaliation to the above attack by separatist fighters.

“There followed a clash between elements of the Cameroonian armed forces and a considerable number of armed secessionists.

After these exchanges of fire, ten secessionist terrorists were neutralized, including three women, ”announced Minister René Emmanuel Sadi.

He added that a war arsenal had been recovered and a hostage released on that occasion.

“The Cameroonian government unreservedly condemns these acts of terror committed by dehumanized individuals who daily sow terror and desolation in the two regions of the North West and South West” adds the minister.

The killings

Before recounting the government’s version of the Small Bakanki event, Minister René Emmanuel Sadi first denounced “false propaganda” through the online media, that accused the defense and security forces of the country for killing 15 people, including 5 women and 4 children in the village of small Babanki.

The minister dismissed this as “false propaganda” and “totally unfounded allegations, contrary to reality”.

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi  in a press release said a separatist commander known as “General Fire Man” was among those killed on Saturday in fighting between separatists and soldiers.

“Ten separatist terrorists were neutralised, including three women” in Small Babanki in the Northwest Region, he said.

It should be recalled that a similar event took place in Ngarbuh in the North West region.

The soldiers in this event were accused of killing 22 peopl including women and children.

The government(represented by Rene Emmanuel Sadi) denied the allegations.

After pressure from the international community for an impartial investigations, the government later accepted, saying the soldiers responsible were arrested.