Former Amba general Nyambere cries for help, says his life is in danger and government is slow to fulfill their promise to him.

Several months back, some ambazonia fighters dropped their weapons and accepted to surrender themselves to the government.

Former general Nyambere and Success Nkongho are among those who repented from their terrorism against the state of Cameroon.

After spending several days as refugees in Nigeria, he was among those the Cameroon government returned from Nigeria.

Thinking all was going to be well on his side, he and Success Nkongho went on social media to castigate the Ambazonia struggle for independence.

In the past days on social media he appeared to be furious as he panics over his life.

According toreports published by The Voice, the ex general, who presently lives in a hotel in Yaounde, reveals that his life is in danger.

“some of my fellow combatants are just defending their own interests”, Nyambere said.

“It has become a business. They take the properties, settle there, take the women. Some have up to 15, 20 wives The soldiers kill and the combatants kill.

The soldiers kill and the combatants kill. I joined the fight to defend the English-speaking populations. Not to hurt them. That’s why I decided to stop, he added to The Voice.

The reporters could see his eyes blush, as he has spent several days in the darkness of the bushes.

According to the ex fighter, they consider him a traitor.

As such he is worried about his safety.

“As I speak to you my life is in danger. And I’m not getting any help from this side from the authorities.

I risk my life. Everything can happen. I keep machetes under my bed. I can only rely on me for my safety,” he told The Voice.

According to Nyambere, he surrendered because the authorities promised him they were going to release all the prisoners.

But he is worried that the government is slow in fulfilling the promise.