The four months old baby by name Peacefulness whose mother was shot dead in his presence after the recent Raid of government soldiers during a recent attack in Small Babanki, Mezam Division, NorthWest region of Cameroon.

Peacefulness’ mother alongside 9 other women and children were shot dead in the village.

The incident that occurred on Saturday February 29, 2020 after the killings, left many wondering as shocking images and videos of him lying beside his deceased mother were seen.

The Founder of the International Ayah Foundation, AIF in a statement on Tuesday March 3, 2020 said they “had finally gotten in touch with Peacefulness, the four month old suckling kid, now an orphan, after the mum

was slaughtered at Small Babanki late last week”.

Equally “More sad is the fact that the late mum left behind two other kids, making a total of three (3) orphans, forcefully abandoned to survive on their own”.

“The AIF is currently analysing a way forward for the innocent orphans within our means, to the best of our ability.

They will survive”… Ayah Ayah Abine who has been assisting IDPS and victims of the anglophone crisis said.

Recall that just like the Ngarbu Massacre, government says its soldiers did not kill any civilians in their latest operation in Small Babanki, despite the numerous testimonies of witnesses and evidence gathered in an

independent report.

Note that, of the over ten people that were killed including Peacefulness’ mother, only one was a separatist fighter contrary to government’s version of the story.