After pressures from the international community, Biya finally bows to order a commission of enqiry into the Ngarbuh Massacre

At first the government of Cameroon was reluctant to heed to the pressures and calls from the international community.

The head of state has finally ordered a commission of inquiry to investigate the deadly incident that happened in Ngarbuh village in the Donga Mantung Division of the North West region of Cameroon last February 14, reports have confirmed.

The announcement was made in an official report this Thursday  by Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

He was today on a working visit to Ntumbaw village in Ndu, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region.

According to the reports, the commission has started works already.

The commission has been given eight days to investigate into the exact happenings of the killings of civilians in Ngarbuh.

The commission has the responsibility to investigate the exact number of deaths, how it happened, and those responsible for the killings civilians including pregnant women and children.

After the Ngarbuh Massacre, there was widespread of condemnation from within and out of the country.

Anglophone Crisis-Ngarbuh Massacre: The February 14 massacre in the English-speaking region is the work of soldiers (HRW)

Several local and International Human Rights bodies indicted Government security forces of the deadly incident.

They also urged the Government of Cameroon to investigate the killings and bring the perpetrators to justice.

However, the Government has maintained it was an “unfortunate incident” that resulted from a reconnaissance operation of security forces in that part of the country.

And according to the government, the “unfortunate incident” killed five persons, including one woman and four children.