Anglophone Crisis: Ambazonian leaders lay down conditions for return to peace in NOSO.

The leaders of the virtual Federal Republic of Ambazonia have accepted negotiations with the government of Cameroon upon fulfilling certain conditions.

In an effort to abide to the United Nation’s call to ceasefire amid Covid-19, the government of Cameroon met with leaders of the self proclaimed Ambazonia Republic to negotiate the process.

According to the president of the the virtual country of Ambazonia, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, the government of Cameroon must abide to certain conditions before any negotiation can take place.

The imprisoned leader among the 15 others signed and made published on Wednesday from their Yaoundé prison rooms the conditions they government of Cameroon must fulfilled before any negotiation takes place.

Sisiku Tabe declared that the government of Cameroon should grant grant “amnesty for the entire English-speaking diaspora in order to allow its nationals to return to the country without being worried” ; “ The release of all those arrested in connection with the conflict; acceptance by the Cameroonian government to participate in real negotiations without conditions on neutral ground and with a mediator defined by mutual agreement ” ,