Ex Ambazonia fighter, Okha Naseri Clovis reveals the ”hidden truth”. He opens in a video that has been circulating on social media.

The Ambazonia war of independence has been going on in Cameroon since 2016. The fight is done between the military and the secessionists who are fighting for their independence.

More than five thousands people have been killed and over a population of one hundred thousands displaced.

Many are now refugees in Nigeria and other countries as a result of the war.

Several fighter are becoming frustrated as they see no end to the war. This has led to some resigning

A video has been circulating on social media showing an ex Ambazonia fighter making confessions.

Okha Naseri Clovis confesses how they were deceived and misled to commit the numerous atrocities they did.

According to the ex fighter, several of them were deceived by those in the diaspora.

He reveals that the charm they used is made of a human heart and a human eye.

According to the ex fighter Clovis, they were deceived that after taking the charm none of them will die, that the charm serves as protection to them.

”We were told that everything will be fine by 2018”, he said in the video.

He said they were convinced to take up arm because the government of Cameroon will kill every body in the two regions within fifteen years.

The charm the used failed them, their fellow fighter began dying. He mentioned names like Metango,Jako, Virus, “Amba waterain” and some others were killed in Lobbo junction.

Clovis further revealed how they were instructed by those in the diaspora to kill innocent people becaus they were accused of witchcraft who filters their charm.

They were also instructed to destroy network poles of telecom companies.

On instructions from their military commanders they were told to take over CDC, and cut off the hand of anyone working in the plantaions.

Schools were also targeted as they burnt down some schools, killed and threatened teachers and students.

Despite all the measures taken by the government, the crisis does not show a sign of ending soon.