Five people from the Mbororo community killed by alleged separatists in Nwa District on February 16, 2020

Separatists attacked and killed some members of the mbororo community on February 16 in a locality located in Nwa.
It is a massacre by alleged separatist fighters that went almost unnoticed.

 On February 16, 2020, members of the Mbororo community, residing in the locality of Mbui Mbem in the Nwa district, in the North-West region, were attacked by alleged separatists.

” Separatist militiamen burst into this village and murdered the family of Yusufa Kafoi , his sons Hassan Yusufa Kafoi , Issa Yusufa Kafoi , Adamu Yaya Djibo and injured Hurera Abdu , Halima

Yusufa and Muktaru Suie, ” reports the daily Le Messager in its edition of February 28, 2020.

The death toll reveals five dead, 11 seriously injured, including the elderly, 31 burned houses and several stolen motorcycles.

The mosque, all property, including very important money and documents, was burned down.

The attack occurred around the hours of  5 a.m., while the vast majority of residents were still at the Mosque, the newspaper read.

Unfortunately, regrets our colleague, ” the carnage of Mbui Mbem remained without denunciation or condemnation “.

” It is not the first time that the Mbororo community has been the target of terrorist militias operating in the North West. 

As proof, this community is crying out for genocide without disturbing the international

community , ”we can read.

Could this have been a revenge of the act on February 14, 2020 in Ngarbuh.

It is alleged that the Ngarbuh massacre by the military was done in collaboration with some members of the Mbororo community in that locality.

Despite the fact that the Mbororo community has been facing attacks from the separatist fighters, they have in some cases retaliated on innocent civilians and on the separatists, and in some cases kept silence.

The Mbororo community has once written a letter last year to the United States Congress about their persecutions by the separatist fighters.