Lime is one of the most known citrus fruits in the world, that is not only eaten raw as a fruit and its juice, but can also be added to various salads, soups, cakes, cookies, candies, and cocktails because of its flavor. Limes are sour, round, and bright green citrus fruits which turns yellow when ripe.

There are many species of limes, and each of these species has unique characteristics despite the fact that they share some core nutrients together.

It should be noted that, limes are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients, which help boost immunity, reduce heart disease risk factors, prevent kidney stones, and aid iron absorption just to name a few.

Health Benefits of Lime 

1. Amazing Health Benefits of Lime

Lime is rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, citric acid, and flavonoids, which are good for the skin. Lime juice, whether taken orally or applied topically, benefits your skin in several ways;

  • Lime juice helps to treats dark spots due to its skin lightening properties. All you need to do is apply it with a cotton ball to the darkened portions of your skin and leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it off.
  • Lime treats acne and blemishes. To begin with, Acne, and pimples are caused when dirt, oil and dead skin cells clog our pores. To treat this, simply mix lime with honey and apply on the affected area. Do this on a weekly bases and you will see some changes.
  • Lime helps remove dead skin, treats open pores, and also, lime helps rejuvenate your skin and protects it from infections.
2. On the hair

Besides being effective in skincare, lime peels and lime juice play an important role in hair care.

  • Lime helps to treat dandruff. To get rid of dandruff, rub lime slice directly on the scalp and leave it for some time. After that, put lime juice in water and use it to rinse the hair. It will help you to remove the dandruff. Incase of a dry scalp, you can add olive oil to it.
  • Furthermore, lime promotes hair growth, treats the hair, lightens hair color, and also, limes can give our hair a shiny color.
3. Health benefits of lime on our health
  • Limes contain an antioxidant property of Vitamin C, which helps protect the eyes from aging and macular degeneration while the flavonoids prevent infections.
  • Limes help treatment common cold, treats fever, aids in digestion, treats dehydration, lowers cholesterol, aids in weight loss, treats respiratory disorders, prevents the formation of kidney stones, prevents Cholera, treats peptic ulcers, and also treats Arthritis.

Note that, those who suffer from gastritis are not allowed to take limes because it can cause more harm to your body than good. Avoid limes if the doctor has told you . If you realize any discomfort or pain when you drink limes, then it is advisable to run away from it.