A head of an African state decides to put in prison all the men who impregnate students

To reduce the very high rate of pregnancy in schools, especially in the south-west of his country, the President of the Republic of Tanzania has just found a radical solution.
From now on, any man who will impregnate a pupil and make her divert from school will be imprisoned. “The government is killing itself to provide free education and these men are busy making girls get pregnant,” Tanzanian President John Magufuli complained during a visit to the Rukwa region in the southwest of the country. In this region, 229 schoolgirls were impregnated by men who were spared by the law. A situation that displeases many Tanzanians.

Pregnancy rates

“The pregnancy rate in this region is shocking and I was expecting the 229 men who have infected the students to be imprisoned, but I doubt that any action has been taken,” he said, adding that local government leaders and religious authorities have failed in their role and making a commitment to remedy the situation.
“If they tell you that you are beautiful, tell them to go tell their mother. Do not be afraid to be hard. You are the leaders of tomorrow and I want you to focus on your studies,” said the president to schoolgirls in the region. In 2017, Tanzanian President John Magufuli argued that schoolgirls who became pregnant could not continue their education after giving birth; remarks condemned by women’s rights organizations.

“I give money for the students to study for free. And after that, she gets pregnant, gives birth and then returns to school. No, not under my mandate! “Exclaimed the head of state on Thursday during a trip to Chalinze, a hundred kilometers west of the economic capital Dar es Salaam. According to Mr. Magufuli, if Tanzanians listened to Western human rights organizations, “it could happen that in one class, all students have babies.”
“In this case then, what would happen? While the teacher gives his class, they all go out to breastfeed babies? Never under my mandate! “. “If these NGOs really like these students, they should open special schools for mothers,” he added.