At least eight people are reported dead and 38 injured in a stampede yesterday minutes before the Cameroon-Comoros football match

Victims of Stampede

Africa Cup of Nations: At least eight killed in crush at Cameroon stadium

Cameroonian President Paul Biya has sent his “deepest condolences” to the different families of those who lost their life’s in the stampede yesterday. He has equally ordered that an investigation should be carried out to bring out the cause of the incident.

In the same light, the Confederation of African Football has equally launched its own investigations.

With a stadium capacity of 60,000, according to some officials, about 50,000 people showed up to watch the match yesterday, a population which according to them was not expected because of the Covid measures they put in place.

With this massive population, according to some eyewitnesses, the gates had to be locked in order for the massive crowd to be controlled and their tickets checked as expected but things got out of hand with people pushing resulting to a stampede.

According to reports as of now, 8 people have died including a 14 years old boy, and a magistrate by name of Desmond Ebaneck, with about 38 people injured and in the hospital undergoing treatment.

magistrate Desmond Ebaneck