Water as we all know is life, and is very beneficial for the human body. Each human being is advised to drink at least two liters of water a day. This is so that, his or her body can function well.

Today, people love drinking water in different forms. That is, some people love drinking water hot/warm, others like it fresh while others like it iced/cold. Each of these preferences has its advantages and disadvantages in the human body.

We should note that, when we talk about water, we are not only referring to the one we drink but also to the water we use to bath.

For this articles, we will be talking about the advantages and the disadvantages of cold water on the human health.

To begin with, cold water, helps regulate blood temperature, same as it also affects digestion negatively.

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Advantages of cold water on the human health;

Thanks to refrigerators now our days it is very easy to have iced/cold water at our disposal. Cold water is very refreshing for the body, which is even when you bath with cold water, it helps regulate your temperature, and also has a role to play on the skin.

1. Cold water Improves Energy Levels

Drinking cold water, and even bathing with cold water, helps activate the temperature sensors that are found beneath the skin. After activating these sensors, they will help increase your heart rate and also send a rush of adrenaline through the body. Just these little effects will help you feel more energized.

2. Cold water reduces pain

Iced water helps you keep you mind away from pain. It is for this reason that, when you feel some pain on a part of the body, it is advised to put some ice on the affected part. Simply putting iced water on these affected areas will help reduce the flow of blood to the muscles. Thereby giving your body some freshness and relief.

3. Cold water enhances the Appearance of Skin

Most people belief that, warm water/ hot water is the best thing to use on your body when you bath. Instead, the reverse is true. Cold water is actually better for your skin. This is because, cold water helps maintain your skins natural oils meanwhile, and hot water strips your skin of its natural oils.

Cold water also causes blood to rush to the surface of your skin, which gives you a natural, healthy skin glow.

4. Cold water regulates Your Hormones

Taking a cold shower/bath two times a day can increase your hormone levels thereby improving your sex drive.  Cold water has an impact on your testosterone and estrogen.

Other advantages of cold water include;
  • Cold water Increases Metabolism
  • Cold water enhances your mood
  • Cold water Boosts Immune Function

Whether you’re drinking it, swimming in it, or bathing in it, cold water has a dramatic effect on the number of calories you burn as well as the speed of your metabolism.

Disadvantages of Cold Water

In as much as water is important to the body as seen above, water has some few disadvantaged.

1. Cold Water Can Negatively Affect The Spleen

Naturally, your spleen is supposed to be at a moderate temperature in order for it to function well and properly. Note that, the spleen protects the body from infections. So it is important to keep it healthy.

So even if you are a cold water fan, note that you do not have to exaggerate the rate at which you consume it.

2. Cold Water Weakens Your Immune System

It is not advisable to drink cold water immediately after a meal. This is because, it will create excess mucus in your body which will cause the immune system to drop its functions. Once your immune system is not in good shape, it is easy to fall sick and even get a cold.

3. Cold Water Can cause Existing Health Conditions to get worst

Children who suffer from asthma are not advisable to drink cold water because it can cause it to get worst. When you suffer from a cold it is not advisable to consume cold water, or any cold liquid. Because it can cause it to increase.

4. Cold water can cause blood coagulate during the menstrual period

During the menstrual period, it is not advisable for girls to drink cold things. Instead at this time of the month, it is advisable to drink warm water, so that your blood can flow easily.

As we always say, remember that, excess of a thing is a disease. So even if you love consuming cold water, take it moderately.