COVID-19 Lockdown

Many counties such as Italy, China, the US, and France are imposing total or partial lockdown. Schools, businesses, and other institutions have mainly been affected by this pandemic. Kids have been forced to vacate schools and spend their time quarantined in their homes. Home isolation is crucial for kids to avoid further spread of the disease.

Kids between the age of 5 to around 13 years are hyperactive and locking them in a house can be hectic. Thus it would help if you occupied them with activities to prevent boredom in the house and ensure they adhere to home rules.

Significant activities to occupy your kids

  1. Reading books- you can buy books for them and read with them. Additionally, you can download online books.

video games

2. Video games-teenagers enjoy video games, and you can get these games from play station or Xbox.

3. Assisting them in their schoolwork-if, your kids school has a program where they can learn online; then, you can help them and guide them wherever necessary.

painting faces

4. Painting-if your kids enjoy painting, then this is the time to engage with them.

5. Art craft-drawing is another way to occupy your kids. You can stock them with the necessary stationery.


6. Carry out experiments-you can assist them in finishing their science project by giving them ideas and offering them the necessary equipment.

7. You can buy play cards-play cards are amazing games that you can engage with your kids.

board games

8. Play with them board games-you can join them to play board games to curb boredom in the house.

9. Offer tutoring lessons-you can create time to tutor them on subjects you are familiar with.

10. Solve puzzles-puzzle solving are unusual activities that help to keep the mind engaged.

The COVID 19 lockdown is a hard time in every country. However, it is a fantastic time to bond with your family by engaging in various games and activities. But you need to ensure you protect your family from the virus by observing high standards of hygiene.