A man from Pennsylvania just admitted that he deceived his girlfriend Jamie Feden who is 33 years old, that they should go on a vacation to Nevada from Pennsylvania and possibly settle there. Instead he killed her. This complaint was filed by the Allegheny County on Friday. The Police reported that he uses her phone to communicate with her family and friends for approximately two months through social media.

The boyfriend who goes by the name of John Chapman, is 39 years. He has been charged with kidnapping, obstructing administration of law and criminal use of a communication facility in Pennsylvania. Chapman is held at the in Allegheny County Jail in Pennsylvania and was refused bail release. Meanwhile, a preliminary hearing will be on the 21st of November.

According to the complaint that was filed, Chapman persuaded Feden on the 25th of September that, they should go into the desert and take part in a “bondage themed photo shoot”. When they got there, he tied her hands and feet with zip ties to a sign post and put duct tape on her mouth and nose until she suffocated to death. He then removed the tape, zip ties and clothes from his girlfriend and left her body there.

Her body was discovered on September 5 by a family who were traveling and then decided to use a bathroom in the desert area. They called the Lincoln County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office who took the remains to the Clark County Coroner’s Office in Las Vegas, where a full forensic autopsy was conducted.

Pennsylvania authorities cited that there is enough evidence to believe that the body is Feden’s, because the remains of the body that was found has undisputed physical characteristics of Feden.

The police said Chapman “masked” his phone number to communicate with her family while impersonating the victim, using an application that disguises the originating cell phone number.

On Thursday, her friends reported her missing so police officers went to her townhouse to do a welfare check while there, neighbors told the police that they hadn’t seen her for a while even though there has been activities in the house which was Chapman as he was impersonating her.

According to the complaint, when police made their way into the house, they found Feden’s phone on the kitchen counter and a backpack containing a roll of duct tape and plastic zip ties upstairs.