Wrangling a Truly Untypical Day: A Day in The Life of The Nurse

Nursing is one of the most in-demand medical professions, an equally important supportive role to Doctors in the health care industry, and has been since the mid-century with Florence Nightingale setting the precedence for other aspiring nurses to quickly follow.

According to Very Well Health, there are a variety of nursing credentials, such as LVN, LPN, RN and many more with varying educational requirements, along with varying salaries from as low as $42,490 to as high as $153.679. It is not uncommon for nurses to work unusual shifts, long hours, and multiple-days beyond the normal five days a week.

The Nurse’s Untypical Day

What a nurse does in a typical day can depend on what type of specialization the nurse is working. Most of the time nurses work an untypical day because they may be traveling or they might be working as a private nurse as a caregiver or practicing nursing for the past seventy years at a traditional hospital. Some nurses work at night, some work in the day, some are traveling nurses who work at a location from anywhere from a month to up to thirteen weeks (in the U.S.). They might be called in on their day off or be On-Call at a moment’s notice.

a day in the life of a nurse

Because most nurses have to find that work/life balance, connecting with others can be helpful. Many nurses are trying to balance taking care of their children, pets and/or other family members, along with balancing their other domestic responsibilities between work.

Taking time to connect with other nurses is a good strategy to understanding more about what an actual day in the life of a nurse can be, and how it may or may not be similar to other nurses’ days.

Here a few that might be helpful and inspirational to you

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If a nurse had a typical day they would not be a nurse. There are many types of nurses with varying specializations; each with unique and unusual schedules, leaving most nurses to wrangle with a truly untypical day. #nurses


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