A Swiss-Cameroonian activist Nathalie Yamb, of the Ivorian opposition party “Lider”, has been from expelled on Monday 2nd December from Ivory Coast, a few weeks after her intervention against the “Françe afrique” in Sochi during the Russia-African summit.

According to the Magazine Jeune Afrique, confusion prevailed during the day on Monday, December 2 on the fate of the activist who was “summoned at the Senior Divisional Office and spent the day without being able to communicate with anyone outside. They put her in the plane for Zurich with an escalation in Paris. It is at the airport that she discovered her destination.

The political activist, who has a Swiss mother and Cameroonian father, has lived in Côte d’Ivoire for years and advises the politician and presidential candidate Mamadou Koulibaly.

We could briefly talk to her. She is being accused of an activity that is not compatible with the national interest, she told us,” said Mamadou Koulibaly, former president of the National Assembly and leader of the “Lider.”

According to the deportation decision taken by the interior minister, Yamb is said to have undertaken political activities that are prohibited by her status as a foreigner.

At the end of October in Sochi, Yamb had said at a conference: “France still considers the African continent as its property.

We want to get out of the CFA france. We want the dismantling of the French military bases which, under the guise of fake defense agreements, serve only to allow the plundering of our resources, the maintenance of rebellions, the training of terrorists and the maintenance of dictators at the head of our states. She argued.

By Subiru Madina