A Bridge Collapse in France which killed two people and several injured

According to the Haute-Garonne fire brigade and police in the World’s most romantic country –France, a bridge collapsed which led to the death of two person and several others were badly wounded. This incident which happened in southwest France on Monday November 18 2019.

The life of a 15-year-old girl came to an end as the bridge leading to the small town of Mirepoix-sur-Tarn crumbled at 8 a.m. local time, according to Toulouse prosecutor Dominique Alzeari. The girl’s mother was also in the scene but was rescued by witnesses who were present.

The body of a truck driver was also found after a search which involves more than 60 rescue workers, the mayor of Mirepoix-sur-Tarn, Eric Oget, and rescue workers told AFP. “The body, which is in the truck, has not yet been freed,” Oget added.

AFP reported that, the bridge collapsed due to suspension cables which cracked, causing a crash on the structure into the Tarn River. The environment ministry told AFP that the recent bridge inspections had “shown no security defects.” According to the Prosecutor, three vehicles were caught up as the bridge sinks into the ground. Haute-Garonne police said three people including witnesses who were helping out the victims involved in the scene were also seriously injured in the incident.

Two fire fighters were also injured among the 67 firefighters who rushed to the scene.  A total of 40 police officers, as well as divers, were sent to the scene. The Chief of police Étienne Guyot said, ‘’we will do our best to find anyone who is missing’’. An investigation has also been opened into the incident.