EDUCATION FOR ALL: Foundation for Inclusive Education  (FIED) provides education for Internally Displaced Children as a result of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

Since 2016 Foundation For Inclusive Education is focusing on providing Non formal Education to IDP children especially learner’s living with disabilities in the SWR of Cameroon as schools where paralised .
FIED started with a career based orientation conference that was suported by the US Embassy.
After that FIED launched another big project known as “remedial home teaching” , still to assist vulnerable learner’s from home. This project is still ongoing.


COVID-19 has further worsened the situation of these disabled children. Nevertheless the less, FIED, with Supports coming from her partners is now providing an E- learning program through the use of electronic devices such as tablets, TV sets, Computers and projectors to assist and support these disabled children in the different respective community centers created and managed by FIED.
At least 1000 disabled children have been benefiting from FIED Educational programs.

The CEO and founder Mr Ebenezer Nkegoah full of passion for persons with disabilities and Education for children is demonstrating his consistent desire and devotion to support, nurture, and advocate for inclusive Education, peace and social justice in Cameroon.




Non formal learning