A tomato is a pulpy fruit from the genus Lycopersicon, usually eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable. This vegetable is used in many different ways. Some people use it in cooking while others simply love it raw in salad.

1. Tomatoes help prevent cancer:

There are many different types of cancer, but tomatoes does not prevent all of them. That is, tomatoes can help prevent you from having breast, prostrate and stomach cancer.

This is because, tomatoes contain lutein, zeaxanthin that can help fight the cancer-causing cells. Also, tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene nutrient which fights cancer cells.

2. Tomatoes are good for your heart

Tomatoes contains Vitamin B and potassium which helps lower blood pressure and reduces cholesterol. Also, Tomatoes prevent life-threatening heart problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

3. Tomatoes Improve your vision

Tomatoes contain lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids found in the retina and lens of the eyes. These carotenoids filter light and also removes sun rays that can damage eye tissues and cause eye-related diseases

4. Tomatoes Guard skin health

A combination of tomato pastes and olive oil protects the skin against sun damage. This mixture also produces pro-collagen which is a molecule that keeps the skin firm and well structured.

5. Tomatoes Fight inflammation

For those who suffer from inflammation, tomato skin contains two major flavonoids called Quercetin and kaempferol. These two flavonoids help fight against inflammation.

6. Tomatoes Fight constipation

Tomatoes are high in fiber and water content which help give you a regular bowel movement hereby fighting constipation.

It should be noted that, when constipated, eating food high in fiber and water will greatly help you.

7. Makes hair healthier

Tomatoes juice revitalizes hair growth and strengthens tufts of hair. So, if you want to have better hair, and work on the appearance and texture of your hair, you can drink tomato juice.

Other health benefits include;

  • Tomatoes Increase your capacity to burn fat:
  • Tomatoes Boost digestive health

Some Side effects of eating excess tomatoes;

Note that in as much as tomatoes are healthy, if you take it in excess, it will have some bad side effects.

1. Excess Tomatoes cause Digestive Disorders

Tomatoes are acidic in nature and so consuming it in excess will increase the acid levels in the digestive system. This will in turn result into acidity in the stomach also called Acid reflux. This disorder may even trigger heartburn and affect the esophagus.

2. Excess tomato can affect the Prostate Gland

Tomatoes contain lycopene and it has been found that, excess amount of lycopene in the system is dangerous. That is, lycopene affects the prostate gland in males resulting in pain, difficulty in passing urine and even cancer in extreme cases.

3. Excess tomatoes cause Skin Infections

Tomatoes can adversely affect the skin resulting in dermatitis, rashes, skin irritation, eczema and blisters.