Health benefits of cashews;

Cashews are kidney shaped seeds which are gotten from the cashew tree. The shapes of these nuts are very nice and apart from that, it equally has a great taste coupled with wonderful health benefits.

To begin with, cashews are very high in calories meaning it is not advisable to have them everyday. None the less it has its own incredible health benefits.

1. Cashews help lower blood pressure  

Cashew nuts contain minerals like potassium and magnesium which when consumed over time, it expands the veins. Thereby reducing blood pressure. Cashew nuts are equally filled with unsaturated fats.

2. Cashew nuts may control diabetes 

For type 2 diabetes patients, adding cashew to their diet is a plus. That is, cashews control the glucose level in your body.  It is advisable to make cashew nuts your friend.

3. Cashew nuts boost Immunity

Cashew nuts contain enough zinc which is good for your health and an insusceptible immunity-boosting compound that is fundamental for essential cell.

4. Cashew nuts strengthen the bones

Having strong bones is very essential for the functioning of the body. So in order to keep the bones strong, you might want to consider cashew nuts.

That is, cashew nuts contain copper and calcium that makes the bones stronger. Copper actually helps keep the joints adaptable.

5. Cashew nuts boosts brain cells

The brain is on of the most important body organs. So it requires consistent unsaturated fats which can be gotten through a healthy diet.

Cashew nuts have a brain boosters which assist and keeps the brains memory in tact and makes it sharp.

6. Cashew nuts are beneficial for the hair 

The unsaturated fats found in cashew nuts helps keep the hair healthy. It also make the hair shine brighter.

Also, cashew nuts contain copper which also helps produce hair shade melanin. Which upgrades the hairs tone. Also, cashew improves hair texture and reduces hair breakage.

Eating cashew nuts is very beneficial as we can all see. But remember it is not advisable to eat this nut everyday.