During pregnancy, women experience a lot of morning sickness, raging hormones, and an expanding waits line. Just this pains and changes alone is enough for pregnant women not to think about sex.

Note that, having sex during pregnancy is very beneficial for the woman and even the baby. But not all pregnant ladies are allowed to have sex during their pregnancy period. So it is important to have permission from your doctor before engaging into sex during your pregnancy.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy;

1. Sex during pregnancy Lowers blood pressure

During pregnancy, it is normal for women in this state to suffer from high blood pressure. But having sex will help lower your blood pressure. Because it makes you feel good.

Note that after intercourse, your blood pressure will drop but it will just be for some time.

NB: Do not have sex every day, it will not be very healthy.

There are other ways to control your blood pressure, so you can work with your doctor on that too.

2. Sex during pregnancy eases labor and quick recovery

When pregnant, it is advisable to have sex because, having an orgasm will help you. That is, having an orgasm increases the contractions in the pelvic floor. This will then help strengthen the muscles you’ll need for/during labor and after delivery.

3. Sex during pregnancy Improves your self-esteem

During pregnancy, most women undergo a lot of changes, which make them feel sad. Bad about their new body at times.

Having sex during this period, will help restore your body confidence. It will also make you feel positive and happy with yourself.

4. Having sex during pregnancy reduces stress

During pregnancy, come women go through a lot of stress. Of which stress is not good for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. During sexual intercourse, your body releases a love hormone called Oxytocin when you orgasm. This love hormones help you release some of the stress and makes you sleep better.

5. Sex during pregnancy prepares you for labor

Having sex during pregnancy will help you prepare for labor because, it will help open up the passage for the baby. When your child’s passage is open, you will find it easy to deliver.

Other benefits of sex during pregnancy include;

Note that, in as much as sex during pregnancy is important, do not exaggerate the rate at which you have sex.